New students flocking to LFA will find the restored former church campus and leafy green Fulham location offers a wealth of places to discover. 

适应你的新家, found on the north bank of the Thames and nestled between Hammersmith and Kensington. LFA’s pocket of paradise Fulham offers students tranquillity and riverside views of plenty. 无论是去餐厅试吃, bars to dance the hours away in or things to do in your downtime, 我们可以帮忙... 


富勒姆是美食中心, with the nearby North End Road connecting the campus to an array of street food vendors and locally owned restaurants and cafes that are all well worth trying. 你可以大吃中文, 印度, 朝鲜文, 典型的英国人的最爱, 意大利和北非的蛴螬等等.  

There are also lots of chain places (we’re talking Nando’s, Five Guys etc) that offer student discounts (just flash your student ID) but remember, it’s important to spend within your means and not break the bank. 有很多当地的水果和蔬菜摊位, 储户, Poundland and supermarkets all within walking distance from LFA, to help secure affordable ingredients and make equally tasty dishes at home.  

But for those quick bites between classes or sit-down meals after a week of filming, 我们会帮你的…… 


披萨爱好者会发现他们自己在 饥饿的乌龟. Eat in for a guaranteed simple Italian ambience and great pizza or treat yourself (if you live locally) to a delivery and get a 20% discount on your first order.  


这是一家价格合理,分量很大的餐厅 Simya韩国鸡肉店 自制泡菜是不容错过的.  


222纯素料理 is an eco-conscious vegan restaurant turning out generous portions for lunch and dinner. Perfect for any plant-based students or those looking for something new to try. The average main dish starts at around £13 and the Seitan Stroganoff and Chocolate Gateau are a must try. 


提供经典的欧陆式早餐 雅法烘焙屋 也有一系列美味的阿尔及利亚美食, from Manakeesh flatbreads to everyone’s favourite Baba Ghanoush. 这里有适合所有人的东西, with the promise of affordable prices and an easily accessible location (just a quick 3-minute walk from campus) this a great small and local business to support.  

朋友汉堡 & 摇 

另一个可以近距离步行的地点是 朋友汉堡 & 摇. This space has plenty of tasty and well-priced options, 对于肉类爱好者和植物性饮食者来说. Be sure to download the app for more discounts and prizes. 


Fulham boasts just about everything from flashy cocktail bars and jazz joints to long happy hours and no-nonsense boozers serving up plenty of alcohol-free options too. 这意味着每个人都可以享受一个夜晚. 


西蒙斯富勒姆 是LFA的常客吗, 多亏了它媚俗的内饰, 各种各样的饮料和漫长的欢乐时光. Check their website for seasonal promotions and discounts. 


Kona凯 提供波利尼西亚酒和海滩主题的室内装饰, with the promise of affordable drinks during their renowned Happy Hour. Head there Tuesday to Wednesday 4pm-9pm/Friday 4pm-8pm/Saturday 4pm-6pm for fun (and cheaper) cocktails and resident DJs over the weekend. 


Dine, drink and dance the night away at Fulham’s favourite go-to spot; 王子. 有吃不完的早午餐, 周日夜晚测验, match days and £5 pints of Prime Time Lager from 5pm-7pm on Fridays.  


在水边 offers heated terraces and sunset views overlooking the Thames. 稍微贵一点, this watering hole is a great choice for those special occasions or just because. 


金狮奖 完美舒适的酒吧, boasting two mains for £10 Monday to Friday and plenty of drinks options to wet your whistle. 


It’s important to find some downtime to unwind from the busy nature of student life. 幸运的是富勒姆有很多可以提供的, it’s an area steeped in heritage and home to a thriving cultural scene. 有艺术, 工艺品, 音乐, 剧院, sports and most importantly film to be discovered and appreciated. 尽情地观光, find quiet spots for contemplation and seek inspiration in the historical houses, 画廊和场馆分散在各处. 


享受一切与bwin体育苹果下载iOS的旅行 得票数富勒姆在美国,大银幕和廉价门票在这里等待着你. You can enjoy a free membership to 得票数 Cinemas, 对我们, 有选择的折扣和免费门票享受. 


在工作中发挥创造力 陶器咖啡馆 where you can try painting everything from mugs to plates. 绘画bwin娱乐的固定费用为6英镑.99 per person, which covers the paints and sponges with your chosen pottery item an added cost. Founded by famous ceramicist Emma Bridgewater you’ll be in safe and nurturing hands here - don’t worry. 


Wander from campus to nearby Eel Brook Common for your green space and nature fix or head to 富勒姆宫. Here you can marvel at the Grade I listed building and former home of the Bishop of London (now run by the 富勒姆宫 Trust) and enjoy the walk around the Bishops Park that runs parrel with the river. 无论哪种方式, 有很多风景优美的散步, gardens and quiet spaces to be explored throughout the city. 


攀爬 is a themed climbing place that has 21 challenges for climbers to try. Don’t worry though because no previous climbing experience is needed, thanks to an induction and knowledgeable staff that are happy to help. 


Painters and sculptures, with a focus on hyperrealism, can be found at the 加一画廊. From emerging and established artists to their still life, landscapes and portraiture works there is much to be appreciated. The eclectic mix of themes and subject matter within these styles also makes for great sources of inspiration. Your next big film concept could come to you while wandering the corridors of the gallery... 

So, whether you were a London local before or a Fulham first-timer looking for some much-needed inspiration we hope our guide to exploring Fulham has helped you. 一定要查看我们的博客定期更新, tops tips and finds to help you navigate your new home throughout your studies. 

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