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  • 资格: 文学士(荣誉)
  • bwin娱乐长度: 2年
  • 学习模式: 全职
  • 开始日期: 2024年9月
  • bwin娱乐代码: BA01
  • 机构代码: L57


我们的 两年制bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作(荣誉)文学士 is geared towards the real-world 和 offers professional film education in a practical setting 和 within our in-house studios. 我们的 teachers are industry professionals, working in film 和 television.

的 decision to apply for the LFA BA course is one of the best decisions I have made in my professional 和 学术 career.... 的y are full of insights that you won't get from a textbook 和 are available for personal guidance 和 advice. You learn a lot of things at LFA 和 filmmaking is just the beginning.

Claire - bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作(荣誉)文学士 Student

Throughout the course you will gain a thorough grounding in the key areas of the filmmaking process, 从脚本到屏幕, become multi-skilled 和 adaptable, favouring the art of collaborative storytelling rather than working as a solo auteur. You learn how to quickly adapt to the professional world as you start your career in the industry.

You’ll be part of the family in no time.  You might get to operate a camera for the day, or take notes during a film screening in the LFA cinema, or attend a guest lecture 和 get to ask questions to the costume designer of the current TV hit show you should probably be watching...


Samy -bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作(荣誉)文学士学生

最后, you will work with an array of exceptionally talented 和 high-calibre guest speakers 和 tutors from around the globe, all of who are working in the industry now in between delivering the course. 我们的 teachers share their insights 和 offer you practical 和 current training in film production for both documentary 和 fictional storytelling.

We create film professionals who exemplify outst和ing filmmaking skills, 促进团队合作, are well versed in all areas of the filmmaking process when graduating from our school. 

What you will learn 和 gain from your time at LFA:

  • In-depth, h和s-on, practical training across the key disciplines of filmmaking: 导演, bwin体育苹果下载iOS剧本创作, 摄影, 声音, 编辑, Production (including 生产设计) 和 1st Assistant 导演

  • Small class-sizes in an encouraging milieu with an 优秀的师生比例

  • 练习影片训练 & 电视行业 tutors 和 guest speakers who are passionate 和 approachable, teaching up-to-date skills using industry st和ard equipment 和 software

  • Well-thought-out 工作实习s in top UK companies which give real-world experiences 和 help you generate future contacts. 我们在像 了魔镜 (co-founded by Andy Serkis, director ‘Breathe’, ‘Mowgli’, actor ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy & ‘Black Panther’), award winning post production house 演进, 创意媒体 (BAFTA nominated productions) to name a few examples

  • 指导和职业发展

  • A strong emphasis on teamwork 和 collaborative learning, rather than working autonomously; after all, our course mirrors the real life professional arena while still covering the necessary theoretical elements

  • bwin体育苹果下载iOS节入场券 以及邀请 重要的社交活动 that will help elevate your industry knowledge, your contacts 和 your personal film work

  • 无隐性成本 - course materials 和 film budgets are all included in the course fee

LFA is a registered higher education provider with the 学生事务处(OfS) 在他们的 注册, meaning that we meet the OfS requirements for 学术 st和ards, bwin娱乐质量, 学生支持,  学生保护. This course is validated by the 德比大学. As a partner student you will be granted access to the University’s online learning environment ‘德比大学 Online (UDo)’ w在这里 you will be able to access programme resources related to your programme, the University’s library 和 your grades.

项目标题 bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作(荣誉)文学士
UCASbwin娱乐代码 BA01
UCAS机构代码 L57
持续时间 2年
学习模式 全职
位置 bwin体育苹果下载iOS
验证机构 德比大学
费用 4.4万英镑(每年2.2万英镑)

This course is for ages 18 和 above (we can consider 17 year olds who turn 18 in the first year of the course).

two-year course is delivered over 6 terms,共计360个学分. 的 ethos of the programme is to teach creative, 学术, technical 和 professional skills in an integrated way in an industry-st和ard setting. 为此目的, teaching initially takes place through interactive lectures, 研讨会, workshops 和 screenings 和 is then continued in a practical setting through shared film productions, in-company 工作实习s 和 independent study.



写作 & 导演 (40学分)
声音 & 编辑 (40学分)
摄影 & 生产设计 (40学分)
bwin体育苹果下载iOS项目 (60学分)


特殊项目 (60学分)
工作实习 (60学分)

论文 (60学分)
工作实习 (60学分)

bwin体育苹果下载iOS项目 (60学分)


  • 条款1和条款2 are spent learning about key filmmaking disciplines: 导演, 剧本创作、生产, 摄影, 编辑, 声音和制作设计. This phase of the course culminates in a series of collaborative projects, w在这里 you experience multiple on 和 off-set roles within the given filmmaking disciplines
  • 项3, you start gaining independence 和 develop key skills in particular areas of filmmaking through the production of several slightly-longer collaborative film projects
  • In 任期4 you are given more control over your modules choices as you start to gain more autonomy 和 experience on the course. This allows you to choose between a 工作实习 module or a collaborative 特殊项目, which explores a non-narrative fiction discipline, 比如纪录片, 商业片或实验片
  •  任期5,通常写成a 论文 – either a discursive 论文 or a project with 学术 commentary. Alternatively, you can apply for another 工作实习,并附有演示文稿.
  • 在决赛中 任期6 of the course you work on a second, longer 和 more complex, collaborative film project.

的 course culminates in a graduation at the prestigious BFI南岸, showcasing 和 celebrating the work of the graduating students.

This unique course is designed for you to gain real-world skills in a practical setting. You will pitch to secure projects/工作实习s/head of department role 和 work as a team across a number of films, rotating through a variety of crew roles. You are given increasing autonomy from semester 4 to semester 6 in decision-making 和 management of several-thous和-pound budgets. And at the end of the course you will have amassed numerous film credits.

Crew roles have clearly defined functions 和 responsibilities. 在LFA, you experience these industry roles in conditions emulating those of a professional film set (a director works with a writer to develop the script 和 with an editor to edit the film). 我们提供前期制作, post-production 和 on-set professional technical support enabling you to apply your knowledge in a supportive environment 和 找到你创造性的声音.

bwin娱乐费用 & 资金的细节

bwin娱乐费用: 的 total fee for the 2-year course is 4.4万英镑(每年2.2万英镑). This is inclusive of film production budgets 和 t在这里 are no hidden additional costs. 请浏览 资助你的学业 section of our website for more information.

存款: Successful applicants will then be issued with an offer letter. 在接受他们的位置后, applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £4,500. 的 balance of course fees will need to be paid in accordance to the LFA条款 和 条件.

You should be aware that bwin体育苹果下载iOS is an Independent education provider. 这意味着最大值 学生资助 贷款金额, 大约是7英镑,200 per year if you study on our 两年制bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作(荣誉)文学士 course. Please note t在这里fore that this loan does not cover the full tuition fee.

For more information on fees 和 funding, head to this 页面.


What kind of students we are looking for

  • 充满激情的好奇的 和 开放的 喜欢看电视的人, discussing 和 making all kinds of films 和 TV, are keen to learn about all aspects of filmmaking, 从前期到后期制作.
  • 团队成员: filmmaking is a collaborative process, team work is at the heart of everything we do. 我们正在寻找可靠的, adaptable 和 supportive individuals who will be an asset to any production unit.  
  • Previous filmmaking experience is desirable, but not essential! 如果你有 动机 和 的决心, we’ll give you the skills 和 experience to get a head start in the film & 电视行业. 

bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作(荣誉)文学士 programme is for collaborative, articulate 和 creative people who can demonstrate a strong instinct for the grammar of visual storytelling 和 who are seeking a professional career in film or TV.


  • UCAS关税点- 112
  • A-levels: 3 A-Levels minimum BBC (preferred subjects: Art & 设计,摄影,bwin体育苹果下载iOS & 媒体制作、bwin体育苹果下载iOS & 媒体研究、戏剧、英语)
  • GCSE: at least 3 GCSEs at Grade 4/Grade C (or above) including Maths 和 English or equivalent qualification
  • Exceptions: If you are aged 21 or above, we can also consider applicants based on a strong portfolio of work 和/or substantial relevant experience.


To study at LFA, it is essential that you can communicate effectively in English. You will need to provide evidence of your proficiency if English is not your first language. For international students, we accept the 雅思学术 qualification (minimum IELTS score of 6.0且不小于5.每组5分).


Please submit an application form via our website 和 respond to the application confirmation you receive, providing us with the relevant supporting materials detailed. 在LFA, we look for creative-minded 和 学术ally driven applicants. 如果你有 a portfolio or any creative materials to support your application (e.g., a short film, photography or a short film script)我们很乐意见到他们. Please submit creative materials as a pdf to, 和 short films are to be shared by Vimeo or YouTube as we cannot accept download links. Once the supporting materials have been submitted, 申请将被审查, successful applicants who fulfil the LFA initial requirements will receive an invitation to attend an interview.


  • See what our graduates are doing now by visiting our 毕业生 页面 和 find out more about the career destinations of LFA alumni
  • We support you throughout your studies 和 beyond. 在 your time with us you are allocated a career tutor, who meets with you on a termly basis to discuss their career progression. Once you graduate this support continues with our LFA Filmmakers’ Club, our alumni networking group.



To apply online please click on the course date below.

  • 2024年9月16日至2026年7月24日
    bwin娱乐费用:£ 44,000


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